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Rob Rhinehart

Co-founder and CEO

Rob Rhinehart is Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Soylent. In his role, Rhinehart oversees all aspects of Soylent’s product development, research, marketing and operations. Lacking the means to eat well, he invented Soylent as a more efficient approach to nutrition and hopes to use it to reduce the global disparity of health. He has been the driving force behind Soylent’s development from conception to its most recent iteration. Rhinehart and the Soylent team are pioneering a new approach to food as the industry reaches its tipping point. By applying a technology-based approach to food production, Rhinehart and the Soylent product development team have created a simple, nutritious, staple food designed to provide customers with an efficient method to achieve maximum nutrition. As a result, Rhinehart has been featured as one of the most innovative young entrepreneurs in food technology, earning a spot on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” (Food & Wine) and Inc.’s “2015 30 Under 30.” Prior to Soylent, he co-founded the Y-Combinator-backed wireless communications firm, Level RF. An Atlanta native, Rhinehart is graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology. He currently resides in Downtown Los Angeles.